Our Mission

Our mission is to do this in sustainable packaging without costing you your whole paycheck and without using those “green-washed” plastic bottles you see in the mass market. It seems like a tall order, and it is. However, don’t worry--we have figured it out! To do this, we have to make everything from scratch.  Luckily, we like making things. We also have to reduce the size of our packaging.  To do this, we eliminate water from our Bar Shampoo, Home & Pet Sprays, Waterless Baths, and other concentrated sprays.  We don’t want to ship water all around the world.  We also don’t want you to keep throwing away all those single-use plastic bottles. 


Now that we are saving itchy (and sometimes smelly) pets, keeping plastics out of our oceans and landfills, and reducing costs to save you money, we have one more thing on our agenda: helping our community. For every batch of bars we make, we take the ends and the not-so-pretty cuts (yes, it happens sometimes) and break them down into new molds to make fresh bars to distribute to our local food banks and homeless shelters.  


We want to help make sustainability an easy option for you, even if that means we have to work harder!