• I ordered a Bar Shampoo but the color is slightly different than the last one, is it okay?"

    Yes! Because we use organic and natural ingredients, there are variations that occur in our ingredients which can make the final bar appear a different shade but the bar is just as great as your last one.

    • Does the Shampoo Lather?

      We picked specific oils to make sure it lather

      • Does the Flea & Tick kill or just repel?

        EPA Regulations keep us from making claims but organic farmers use Neem oil to keep Fleas & Ticks off their livestock. Neem oil is used in all of our FT products, if it works for them it’s a great option for your pet.

        • Is your Bar Shampoo easy to use?

          Yes! We actually find it easier to use than liquid shampoo. We made it round so it is easy to hold and apply, lathers great and achieves a nice all-over clean.